Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lady GaGa Show

So though a bit late, I am back with my review. Last night I went to the Lady GaGa show and it was absolutely amazing! Went with my friend Joe and we met up with some other boys, we all just had the greatest time. When we got there the first band was just finishing up, Cinema Bizarre was ok, but nothing too spectacular. Next came on Chester French, they rocked the house! I really enjoyed their performance and the crowd was also loving it. After Chester came out The White Tie Affair, I feel they were not received as well as they could of been, for the pure fact that everybody was ready for the GaGa. They did a great job at covering some popular songs, like Kanye's Heartless, also the lead singer was great eye candy. Ok after three bands, Lady GaGa finally came out at 10:05pm, the who show was just such an adrenaline rush! We couldn't stop dancing, her outfits were amazing, and she has an amazing butt. The back-up dancers were cute, and the set was beautiful. After GaGa left the stage she came back for an encore, she did "Boys, Boys, Boys" and "Pokerface" I was so happy we got to see the show, and the House of Blues is a huge improvement of Avalon. All in all a wonderful night!

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