Monday, June 8, 2009

New iphone 3GS debuts at WWDC

Via Manhunt Daily: "Tech geeks are currently cumming in their pants, because Apple has announced the impending arrival of the iPhone 3G S. Not only is the new model faster and with a better battery life, but it also features...(Continue Reading-Source/MHD)

SDW : I am so excited for this news, I have been waiting for the updated iPhone so that I could finally leave Verizon and make the move to AT&T and the iphone. Kind of disappointed that they did not update the look of the phone though, but alas I can deal. I was also excited about the new macbook pros that now have a non-removable battery that lasts up to 7hrs! Another great product that apple is rolling out is Snow Leopard, which is the newest OS for the MAC and will be available this September.

For more info about the WWDC click here.

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